As per KB international, admission guidance is defines as well organized and planned assistance to the students to understand himself and his capabilities. Guidance is a planed service to join premier institution by the way of counselling. It gives decision capability to the student to select the accessible course and institution. It is a dream to every student to join top college and university in the country. But few of them failed to join top institutions due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance. Even the bright student made small mistakes during the time of State and National level entrance exams, it may fall them to the huge discourage.  KB international counsellors provide proper guidance to the students and parents to select the course and institution.  We will not stop after counselling; provide you the services till the student admission. Even after that KB international provide services if required any guardian support and educational support till course completion. 

Want to join Medical College?. KB international counsellors provide proper guidance to the students and parents to select the course and institution. If the students are meritorious, counsellors try to get seats in medical college without tuition fees.

Top Engineering colleges in Bangalore and Karnataka.


NAAC, NBA and other accreditation for the followings

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Training Organisations
  • Online and Distance Education Providers                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The application filing and submission to the concerned agency. the following up of the application, producing of require documents to obtain the accreditation. we will provide you all the above services.

Engineering and Medical Programs

we will give you the consultation to join best Engineering and Medical colleges with some special course. Don’t waste your time  doing with unwanted course in scope less institution. Instead of that join best institution  for your favorite subject learning.  

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Top Engineering and medical colleges in the city are our partners for your bright future by giving seats to your future education. 

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we have best education experts as counselors with many years of experience.  They will guide you to do proper education of your children’s. 

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